Roberto Enrique Briceño García

Procurement support for the Food and Beverage/Wine and Spirit Sector
Brand asset management and technology integration consulting for SMEs


WhatsApp: +39 334 995 1258
Mobile: +39 351 891 1204


Digital services and Tech Support:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil related:
Wine and Spirits related:

Currently living in:

Beautiful Montevago, AG, Sicily, Italy

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Production Mill:
SOB Olearia s.r.l., C.da Martinazzo s.n.c., 90032 Bisacquino (PA) – Sicily – Italy

Bottling plant:
SOB Olearia s.r.l., C.da Rizza, s.n.c., Zona P.I.P., 90033 Chiusa Sclafani (PA) – Sicily – Italy

Wine and Spirits

Cantine Madaudo s.r.l. Via Antonello da Messina – Villafranca Tirrena – ME